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33 Night Affirmations For a Deep And Peaceful Sleep

Your body and mind will be recharged with this top list of 33 night time affirmations. Repeat these either aloud or internally every night before you sleep, and you will not only fall asleep easier, you will stay asleep.

One of the things I noticed after implementing these affirmations into my bedtime routine is that I wake up happier, and I feel more balanced. And you can too!

  1. I release all negative emotion

  2. I am grateful for the air that I breathe

  3. I choose calm and peace

  4. Today I did my best

  5. I let go of anything that no longer serves me

  6. I'm proud of what I accomplished today

  7. My heart is full of happiness

  8. I am relaxed, physically and mentally

  9. I fall asleep with ease

  10. My dreams are filled with joy and love

  11. My mind is quiet

  12. I will wake up refreshed and revitalized

  13. My body deserves and welcomes rest

  14. I am safe and calm

  15. I look forward to happy dreams

  16. I appreciate all that I have

  17. Tomorrow is a new day

  18. I am content and grateful

  19. I am now ready for sleep

  20. I release the anxieties of the day

  21. I am grateful for the lessons learned today

  22. I let go of all worry

  23. I release any stressful feelings from the day

  24. I release all tension from my body

  25. I am strong and smart

  26. I am confident and resilient

  27. I have the power to make tomorrow a wonderful day

  28. Tomorrow is filled with possibility

  29. I am serene and calm

  30. I am loved

  31. I am grateful for another day to shine

  32. I am free of pain

  33. I deserve a peaceful, restful sleep

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