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I Had My Lips Filled At The Swanky Beauty Sleep Aesthetics, Here's What Happened

Long gone are the days of the duck lip (thank God!), lip fillers have come a long way since the 1960's, and I am happy to report that I was able to score an appointment at Beauty Sleep Aesthetics in Stuart FL, on the beautiful Treasure Coast. Kiera Dicicco ARNP, CRNA is the brains and beauty behind this chic and exclusive space, where injectable dreams come true. BSA is located on the top floor of The Albany Downtown, a hair salon that has a gorgeous aesthetic. The Albany Downtown exudes an effortless, fresh, boho chic vibe, (also owned by Kiera). If I could move out and leave my husband and children, this would be my dream home, lol. Side note- not only is the salon an Instagrammers paradise, the stylists know their shit, and I absolutely love my color & cuts I get from Amanda.

OK, so this story isn't about hair, but I just couldn't help it- I'm obsessed with this salon and I love a one-stop beauty shop, don't you?

I am no stranger to lip filler, however, I haven't had my lips done in over a year, PLUS- I am new to Florida, and finding a reputable injector was super important to me. Keira and her team made me feel so comfortable, and we discussed what type of lip shape I was going for... I was like..

ummm, I didn't know I had a choice?

ummm, big? I have small lips so whatever you do is fine with me!

Keira looked at my lips intensely and I felt complete trust in her. She explained what types of fillers they use, and which fillers she prefers to use for lips (and why). When I asked Keira about her trainings and techniques she lit up. I saw the passion behind her words, and her eyes, and THAT my friends, is a sign of a great injector.

We decided to use Versa for my lips, a hyaluronic acid dermal filler. I've only had Juvederm in the past, and felt my lips never looked very natural, so I was excited to learn about Versa! Keira prefers Versa for lips because the patient will experience less swelling, less bruising, and the lip borders are more crisp. Other fillers migrate out of the lips, and they can also be lumpy. Juvederm lip fillers cause more bruising and swelling too, which means more down-time.

Keira applied a numbing cream to my lips and mouth area. Once it was time to start, she gave me a little squeezey ball to hold, which I didn't really need. I asked if I could record the process for blog purposes and she told me yes, but only a basic injection, not her actual technique. Her technique is so popular that other injectors have tried to recreate it. She said her technique is to go up, not out, and that by doing so the cupids bow becomes more prominent and defined. I felt like Plankton trying to get the Crabby Patty recipe.

Let's talk pain. Does it hurt? Yes! I would lie if I said sticking needles in my lips, even with a numbing cream, felt like kittens licking me. The good news is that the pain is minimal, and it's only in certain areas. Keira is a true artist and has a calming bedside manner. It was over rather quickly, and I felt like a new woman when it was all said and done.

Here's a Before and After

I was given an ice pack and I also purchased Arnica gel to reduce pain and bruising. I did have soreness and bruising the next day, but it only lasted a couple of days, and it was nothing a little lipstick couldn't fix.

I loved my results so much, that I made an appointment to get my cheeks done soon!

Be sure to check out my Instagram for more pictures and videos of my experience.

For a list of all the services Beauty Sleep Aesthetics offers (like thread lifts!), and more, click here.




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