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The Hottest Toys To Gift in 2020

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Time to purge the old toys to make room for all the new stuff your kids will be getting- amiright? These gifts are sure to please, I had input from my daughters, theyre like my personal little focus group.

I featured these on Great Day Live Tampa Bay, make sure to check for holiday sales!

1. Trolls World Tour, DJ Trollex Party Mixer from ekids- first of its kind on the market. It has a working turntable that allows kids to spin, scratch, and drop a beat! Also has a built in microphone, sound effects, led light show, all the bells and whistles. ages 3 and up, $49.99 you can find it on amazon

2. OwlCrate Jr. - monthly subscription box for kids ages 812, each box contains 4-6 items. they get a whole themed experience including a hardcover book, at least one item to encourage creativity and exploration, exclusive letter from the author, collectible monthly sticker, and more. Each box is curated for kids of al genders, and the books are published within 45 days of the ship date. $27.99 a month, go to owlcrate.com for more info.

3. Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden- this is a virtual pet and has special features, millions of different characters, new games, a special land and cross-platform connectivity allowing kids to tend to their Tama on the go! They also introduced two new colors, the lavendar and the turquoise.Great for ages 6-12, you can find it on Amazon and Walmart, $59.99

4. Inspire creativity in your teen with the Polaroid Golden Gift Box & Festive Red Polaroid NOW Camera. The Polaroid NOW Camera features the latest analog technology with: 2 lens autofocus for sharper images, self-timer (great for family pics), a dynamic flash, and double exposure, which means get two images in one! The Golden Gift Box contains the white Polaroid NOW Camera, AND a double pack of Golden Moments i-Type Film, that's 16 photos! $129.99 available on Amazon, Target, and Polaroid.com


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