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The Truth About Why Your Skin Breaks Out After A Facial

When I first tell people what I do for a living- I'm an Esthetician, their initial response is almost always the same: " I don't like getting facials, they always make me break out".

It's like a gut punch when I hear this, and I totally understand that the whole point of getting a facial is to have beautiful, clear, glowy skin, so I'm here to explain to you why breakouts happen after facials, and how to get through it. 

When you go for a facial, there is a lot going on. Most facials include mechanical exfoliation or exfoliating products, steam, facial massage, and even tools to extract any impurities. When you put your skin through an hour of stimulation, it's going to react, and sometimes the reaction isn't favorable. 

During a facial toxins are being released from your skin. Facials are a detoxification process and unfortunately sometimes a breakout can occur, but after the breakout comes the luminosity, so don't worry. Have patience and don't pick at your skin, allow the purge to happen and you'll get great results for doing so.

Facials should be done monthly to avoid breakouts. Once you train your skin to go through the facial process, it will be a much smoother experience for you every time, and breakouts will be less likely. 

Pro tip: Do not book a facial too close to a special event (like your wedding). Do a few facials leading up to the event, the last facial you get she be three weeks prior.

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