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About Elena 

Image by Ryan Christodoulou

My journey has been quite long, and it's not over yet. I am an Esthetician and former Spa owner. I recently moved out of NYC (Covid made me do it), and now I live in sunny Florida. I began my social media career by simply starting an Instagram page and then reaching out to journalists to help them as a source for articles. I had my first on-air experience on Good Day NY, and since then I have honed my craft and have been on dozens of shows, talking about travel, skincare, beauty, fashion, motherhood, wellness, and everything in between. I now host a weekly Lifestyle segment on Great Day Live Tampa Bay and I Love It!


My favorite things to do are Binge-watch Netflix shows, Spin and Pilates, Singing and Dancing with my daughters, morning coffee and dates with my husband, and TRAVEL! Fun fact about me: I'm half Colombian, half  Italian, and I speak Spanish fluently- I also have dual citizenship! 

Obvs there's way more to me than two little paragraphs, haha! For now, I hope you follow me on Instagram to get a sneak peek into my life and all the great resources I gather up to share with YOU!


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