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Get your skin date night ready with these 4 easy steps.

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Heading out with girls, or going on a romantic date night? Before applying makeup, remember: A flawless look starts with glowing skin. Implement these 4 steps and you will look hot AF. I promise.

1. Buy a hydrating sheet mask, any will do, go to Sephora and pick one up, it will run you about $5-$12. Now, stick that bad boy in the fridge for a couple of hours...when you take it out it will be nice, cool, and refreshing. A cold sheet mask will tighten pores and sagging skin.

2. Use a jade or rose quartz roller OVER your sheet mask, roll up and out. This will help all those hydrating serums to penetrate, and smooth out any areas that need some tlc.

3. Use TWO rollers- why? Because it feels better. You wouldn't want a one handed facial, would you?

4. Keep your rollers in the freezer. This will give you some extra de-puffing and tightening effects. Your skin can never be too tight!


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Cold Sheetmask+ Facial Roller - This is also what I usually do! Except I never really thought of using two rollers before haha Guess wasn’t smart enough. I’m gonna go get another one!

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