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Romance And Relaxation, The New R&R at The Mansion At Glen Cove

We took date night to a whole new level, and we aren't mad about it! For those of you who are married, how often do you do date night with your spouse? My husband and I try our best to make time for each other that doesn't involve our 4 & 7 year old daughters, but sometimes it's so hard. We recently exchanged our date night, for a date overnight, at The Mansion at Glen Cove, and we are so glad we did!

We live in Queens NYC, and it took us about 40 minutes by car to get to the Mansion from our house. We're parents and we don't have time to waste, so picking a location close to home that felt far away was key. The Glen Cove Mansion is modern elegance wrapped up in history. Parking was easy (and complimentary), and check-in was super quick and painless. Our Room had a plush King size bed and felt modern and vintage all at the same time. We slept so comfortably and the pillows were like clouds from heaven! We really needed to unwind and just enjoy each other's company without stepping on legos, our dog barking, or having to referee an argument between our kids. Life can get hectic, and can be loud and in your face. The serene atmosphere at The Mansion at Glen Cove provided us with a peaceful and romantic experience that a regular date night just couldn't give us. Not only did we relax, we did a little drinking and dancing too, because it was New Year's Eve and we attended their Gala. You can find out about their events here.