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Here's What You Need To Pack For Your Beach Vacation This Winter

When the cold weather hits, it's common to daydream about flying off to a tropical island to feel the sand in your toes and the sun on your skin. If you are planning a beach holiday, check out my favorite swimsuits and accessories that are a must.

Miraclesuit Rock Solid Wrapsbody One Piece Swimsuit: Timeless and versatile, I love this suit more than you know! It has a nice curved v-neck line and adjustable shoulder straps which really supports my chest, and you know I need it LOL. I love how supportive and sculpting this material is, and it comes in different colors too!

SkinnyDippers Jelly Beans Cinch One-Piece: Ok, ok, a moment of silence for this beauty. This suit is so freaking pretty and chic...it's almost like an outfit! It comes in a bunch of colors and the detailing is just perfection. I love the little ruffle on the straps and the cinched belt. This suit has Yummy Tummy control and smoothes and lumps & bumps.

La Gotta Swimwear Antioxidant Facial Sunscreen: If you want an invisible, weightless, and scentless CBD Sunscreen- this is the one to get! Get hydration, antioxidants, and SPF, all in one bottle.

La Gotta Swimwear Nourishing Hair Oil: Full Spectrum CBD helps with hair growth and protects your hair from the sun & pollution. Other ingredients include essential vitamins, fatty acids, and amino acids. There are no parabens, dyes, or chemicals and it's cruelty free and vegan too! This oil is so fabulous, I like to apply it before hitting the beach or pool for added hair protection.

SkinnyDippers Tie Breakers Lacey One-Piece: This suit is comfortable and stylish and SLIMMING. I felt like my chest was fully supported and loved the tie detail. This is the dark wash color, there are other shades available.

La Gotta Swimwear Embroidered Linen Robe Blue: I love how this can be worn as a shirt, a dress or a cover-up. Fun fact: This garment is made from recycled materials and up-cycled discarded buttons from factories in Colombia.

La Gotta Swimwear Gemstone Water Bottle: Charge your water with pure Citrine and Clear Quartz. This bottle is gorgeous and definitely makes you feel luxurious when you are using it. Stay hydrated in style! The bottle is made with lead-free borosilicate glass and fair traded crystals.

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