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The Ultimate Guide to Applying Matte Lipstick (and Keeping it Fresh)

Matte lipstick, it's everywhere, yet, I know so many women who stay away from it because of the drying effect it tends to have. I used to be a gloss only girl, but there's something fierce about a matte lipstick, and I'm going to give you the lowdown on how to get matte lipstick ready, without drying your lips out.


Exfoliation is key here! Use a nice lip scrub right before lipstick application. I like

French Girl Organics Rose Lip Polish because it has butters and mint that nourish the skin and will leave your lips super soft and moist. You will have less chance of drying and flaking and your lips will look more plump.

Drop that Base

I love layers. I layer my skincare, why wouldn't I layer my lipstick? Now that you got all that dead flakey skin off, apply a nice thin layer of hydrating balm, my favorite is Aquaphor Lip Repair which is Dermatologist recommended and can even be used when you're not wearing lipstick to help repair dry damaged lips.


Don't skip this part! Use a matching shade to evenly outline your lip shape, start by lining just a tiny bit above the lip line. It's best to fill in the outer corners off your lips with liner but leave the center unfilled for a fuller lip effect.

Apply Your Matte Lipstick

Finally! But wait, we're not done yet! After applying your matte lipstick, you may want to try these two pro tips:

1. Add a dab of highlighter in the center of your lips to give your lips a fuller effect.

2. If you feel that your matte lipstick is not even, use a thin makeup brush dipped in concealer to cover any mistakes, and even out your lip line.

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