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Best Beauty Gifts Of 2020

I have some great beauty gift ideas that are for both men, and women, and affordable too! You KNOW I love my skincare and beauty products, which is why I tested, tried, and totally approve these products.

1. Give the gift of glowing skin with Olay’s New retinol24 Max. It’s formulated with 20% more of olays retinol24 complex. Olay packed these fragrance free formulas with retinol24’s max concentration of hydration to leave skin feeling hydrated & replenished. Formulated with vitamin b3, plus olays most transformative retinoid complex. Olay Regenerist retinol 24  max facial moisturizer delivers: 24 hour hydration, stays active on skin for 24 hours, so when you wake up every morning you’re going to see brighter, smoother skin! The collection comes in three forms: a moisturizer, serum, and eye cream. purchase the Olay Retinol24 Night collection at Olay.com, or check out your local retailer for curbside pick-up. Each product is under $35!

2. My new obsession: British Brand Baylis and Harding, with over 50 years of heritage in gifting. Baylis and Harding is the #1 female gifting brand in the UK, and lucky us- now launching in the USA! They carry affordable yet luxe gift sets ranging from $4.98 to $24.98. Some gorgeous sets displayed here like the cranberry martini, budouir rose, jojoba vanilla almond oil, and this luxury hand cream set, are sure to please everyone on your list- from sister, to mom- and they carry men’s products too! I appreciate the packaging details- accent bows, crystals, and foiling. Plus many of the gifts include bonus add-ons like this sweet mandarin and grapefruit luxury slipper gift set. Baylis and Harding gift sets are exclusively sold at Walmart in-store and online. 

3. Squeaky clean skin anyone? PMD Clean pro rose quartz facial cleansing device- if you follow me on Instagram you know this is my fave! This device is a game changer. So this is a smart facial cleansing device that uses sonic glow and active warmth technology to take your skin to the next level. It has a silicone head which is antibacterial, waterproof, and anti microbial. It also vibrates 7000 times per minute which gives you the deepest clean, and works great even on sensitive skin. The heated rose quartz stone helps reduce tension and inflammation in the skin. This is a great gift for tweens to grandma, lots of colors to choose from- my hubby loves it too! Go to PMDBEAUTY.com to get yours now! 

4. Great, healthy polish-Dr.’s Remedy enriched nail care. This is the perfect gift for little girls, all the way to grandma! Here’s what I love about Dr.’s Remedy:

- all polishes are vegan, 10-free, non-toxic, and dr. formulated! Dr.’s Remedy is a healthy alternative with over 40 shades of nail polish and a wide selection of treatments. They also offer a wide range of holiday gifts from $22-$75. Here’s a few fun sets to consider: Healthy Holiday gift set, Spirited Sparkle Gift set, Festival of Lights gift set, and the Everlasting Evergreen Holiday Gift Set that comes with enriched nail polish remover, high shine top coat, a base coat, cuticle oil, 3 gorgeous holiday colors, and a two pack of face masks. For these and now you can go to Amazon or REMEDYNAILS.COM

* have a happy healthy holiday, for more beauty tips please follow me on Instagram

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