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Easy & Cheap Fall Decor Ideas

It’s that time of year! It’s always fun to decorate for Fall, what’s not fun is spending a ton of money on new decorations.

I’m SO NOT crafty, In fact, I consider myself a Pinterest fail kinda mom. With that being said, I know that there are other people out there just like me, so this post is for you! I have 3 super freaking simple DIY decor ideas that are not only easy AF, they’re also going to cost next to nothing! And the best part, it will LOOK expensive.

Here are my tips to get you started

I only shop at two places for decor: thrift shops and dollar tree.

1. I get pieces that can transition between seasons. 2. I incorporate items I already have in my home.

I love my local goodwill. I picked up a gorgeous decorative glass container for under $5. It’s elegant and can be filled with anything! You can find all kinds of cute fillings at the dollar tree. Decorative bells, corn kernels, faux foliage, beads... the list goes on. You can do this for ANY holiday too!

I’m also a fan of using things I have laying around the house. I have a wood two tiered dessert tray that literally never gets used, because I’m just not that fancy lol. I like it for decor purposes because you can give it life with fun textures, colors, and Knick knacks, and it can be used for any holiday. And again, every single item on this tray is from the dollar tree!

Ok, so this is probably the first and last “craft” you’ll ever see I’m my blog, lmfao. It’s just not my thing, however- it’s nice to create something for the holidays that becomes a part of your family and home. I love this tie ribbon wire wreath because you can purchase ALL materials at the dollar tree, and it can be used as a wreath or a centerpiece. You can also make different ones in different color schemes for any holiday- even birthdays!

Supplies needed:

  1. A wire wreath

  2. Wire edge ribbon (a ton of rolls) in different colors/patterns but make sure it all goes nicely together.

  3. Scissors

  • Cut the ribbon into 8 inch strips

  • Take two pieces of ribbon, place one on top of the other. Then tie the ribbon on the outer edge of the wire wreath in a double knot.

  • Do the same step but switch the ribbon placement. You can really do what you want here, it’s your creation! Basically tie the ribbon in a double knot until the wreath is full. Once done, gently separate the pieces that are sticking out with your fingers. This is why wire edge ribbon is key, it’s easier to manipulate and work with. By going this your creating a more full look, you’re kind of like “fluffing” it up.

That’s it! It is time consuming, but SIMPLE. You can do this with a glass of wine and a hallmark movie... it’s a nice little me date.

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my super easy tips.




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