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Hair Pieces That You Need In Your Life

Ok so, I had sew-in extensions about a year ago. And I LOVED THEM. My hair was long, it was thick, it was blonde. I had what I call, nipple mermaid hair. Ya know, like when your hair just grazes your nips? It’s so sexy, right?

You know what’s not sexy? Being on vacation and finding out your mf kids have lice and then having your cousin grab pliers and undo your freaking weave because- you can’t get a lice check with hair extensions.

Needless to say, that was the end of my affair with sew-in hair extensions. Side note- No, I did not have lice. Thanks for the scare kids!

Anywho, now I just have my regular, plain hair... BUT- I’ve found a few awesome hair pieces that let me have fun, add length, volume, and texture- without the commitment.

If you watched my segment on Great Day Live, you’ll see how much fun I had demonstrating my hair piece finds.

This is the fastest way to stylish hair that you’ll ever encounter, I swear! I probably use this piece the most because it’s just so simple and looks so cute! Messy bun with volume in a comfy, secure scrunchie- FOR UNDER $10?! Yes please! Comes in a bajillion colors too!

This is my second fave go-to budget-friendly hair piece (about $8-$13 on Amazon). I love to wear this, sometimes with the messy bun scrunchie! Everyone thinks I braided my hair myself and I get a lot of comments on Instagram about it. You can get different braid styles and it’s just such a fun way to hop on the braid trend without having to watch a YouTube tutorial.

Talk about #hairgoals ! The Halo is awesome because it adds length & volume and it’s so easy to put on. They have super easy videos on their website that she you how, step by step. I also love the bungee ponytail (I’ve been rocking it on my insta). It’s so fun, and just pulls a look together. All Hidden Crown pieces are made with 100% human hair and the color choices are endless. They have experts that can color match you too!

Do you have any hair pieces or extensions you love? Share with me!!



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