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Unique Hostess Gifts For Thanksgiving 2020

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

If you’re going to be a guest this Thanksgiving-  lucky you! But now you have to bring a gift to dinner. If you’re like me and cooking a dish to bring isn’t your thing, don’t worry, I’ve got a few fun ideas that are going to make your life easier AND please the hostess.

1. Wine- but not just any convenience store wine. Impress everyone this thanksgiving with a gift from tint cellars wine from Washington state. Here’s why this makes a fabulous and elegant gift.

-Tint cellars wine is award winning and they offer a variety of high quality wines including Cabernet , Malbec, Syrah, rosé, Sauvignon blanc, and more!

-With every bottle sold, 5% goes to 3 selected local non-profit organizations- talk about giving thanks!

-Tint cellars offers gift sets that include award winning tint cellars wine, custom glassbaby drink ware, jcoco chocolate, and a corkscrew. Each item in the gift set helps those in need as well.

-Choose from a red wine gift set, a white wine gift set, or a combo of both, sets start at $90.

-If you’re looking for a wow factor, you can gift this gorgeous 2017 magnum Cabernet Sauvignon signed by tint’s award winning wine maker, Noah Fox Reed. Go to tintecellars.com, shipping available nationwide.

2. I think giving something unique and artistic is a beautiful gesture this Thanksgiving. These inspirational notecards each feature a vibrant photograph taken by actress and artist, daphne maxwell Reid (aunt Viv from fresh prince of bel air).

The cover and inside feature a quote from Stacy Hawkins. You can purchase a set of 10, or individual cards on daphnemaxwellreid.com.

3. I love a good meat and cheese platter, and the new fall collection of gift baskets from hickory farms is sure to make everyone happy on thanksgiving! Here a few of my favorites:

- charcuterie essentials gift basket: so gorgeous, comes with a mini cheese board and spreader, 2 unique mustards, savory summer sausage and salami, smooth & creamy cheeses, all wrapped up for $89.99.

- Premium Harvest gift box: filled with all of your favorite meats and cheeses, plus pumpkin spiced cookies, Belgian style chocolate truffles, $64.99

- Favorite flavors gift box: savory & smoky with a variety of meats and cheeses, plus hickory farms famous sweet and hot mustard, and some chocolate sea salt caramels,  $37.99

- hickory farms offers standard, 2 day, and next day shipping, visit hickory farms.com

4. Give the gift of cozyness with a Chappywrap blanket. These high quality blankets are crafted with jacquard weaves that bear intricate reversible designs on each side, all while maintaining a strong construction. Chappywrap just released 5 new festive blankets. We have a few here: the holiday stripe, winter wonderland, and snowflake classic fair isle. You can find Chappywrap on Chappywrap.com and at various retail locations across the country for $135.

FYI- My birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year! I'll be turning 40 on turkey day! I wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.



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