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How To Throw A Halloween Party To Die For

This year, Halloween may look different. I know a lot of people are opting out of the traditional trick-or-treat festivities. If you are looking for something a little different but still fun (and loaded with exciting treats) then I've got you covered. My girls and I had SO MUCH FUN prepping for this segment that aired on Great Day Live Tampa Bay. Here are some unique ideas we put together, to party it up this Halloween!

  1. Costumes from Tipsy Elves: Tipsy Elves provided us with costumes to feature on Great Day Live Tampa Bay. These costumes are not your typical cheaply made frocks you find in party stores. Tipsy Elves costumes are well made, sturdy, with vibrant fabric. The girls are wearing unisex pinata costumes, and I'm in a one-piece gold skeleton costume, which has a nice amount of stretch and will flatter any body type.

2. Candy & Decor: This year, Zolli Candy and Treetopia partnered to create a contactless trick-or-treat option. Zolli Candy is also known as the clean teeth candy, and they have tons of different options to choose from, like pops and gummies. We used the Zolli candy to decorate our unique tree from Treetopia. Treetopia is known for their super fun artificial trees that come pre-lit in a variety of colors like black, white, pink, orange, purple and more. You can decorate the tree with candy and leave it on your front porch, or, use it as the main attraction of your Halloween party. Either way it's sure to please!

3. Healthy Treats: As you all know I am not much of a cook, so I like this "recipe" from my friend Joy Bauer from the Today Show. These are Monster Mouths and they are super easy to assemble. Be careful, they are so yummy that they will get devoured by little goblins when you're not looking! Click here for Joy's Monster Mouths recipe.

Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone! Please sign up for my newsletter, leave a comment, and follow me on Instagram!



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