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Want to Travel Back in Time? Book a night at the New TWA Hotel in NYC.

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

If you're a fan of The Beatles, bright shift dresses, rotary phones, and old-world cocktails aboard a vintage airplane with a glamorous past, then visiting the new TWA hotel at JFK Airport in NYC should be on your bucket list.

I'm a Queens NYC native so naturally I heard the buzz about the opening of the TWA Hotel through social media and the news, and I knew I just HAD to go. And I'm glad I did.

The History:

The Trans World Airlines Flight center opened in 1962 at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City, and was designed by architectural icon Eero Saarinen, sadly it was not completed until after his death in 1961. TWA ceased operations in 2001, leaving the landmark building deserted for nearly twenty years, until now. In May of 2019, the TWA flight center was reborn thanks to architects at Beyer Blinder Belle and Lubrano Ciavarra. They created a captivating, charismatic hotel with nostalgic details at every turn.

The New TWA Hotel Overview:

Two new buildings were added on either side of the existing flight center, containing 512 guest rooms with runway views and soundproof windows ( I can say, I didn't hear a thing!).

The hotel is located right across the way from the Jet Blue Terminal. If you are driving in, I recommend parking in lot 5, it is a longer walk, but will save you in parking fees.

Right when I walked in I felt as though I had been transported to another era. The split-flap display was everything I could have dreamed for, and more. If you're wondering what a split-flap display is, it's the old school arrivals/departures board that makes that alluring flapping sound, the sound of possibility. Designed and manufactured in Italy by SOLARI DI UDINE SPA, all 34,000 flaps are created by hand. Below this iconic staple was the chili pepper red sunken lounge I had seen in photographs, filled with happy faces sipping craft cocktails, I couldn't wait to join the masses, but it would have to wait, I had some exploring to do. Behind the sunken lounge are floor to ceiling windows with a view of the Connie, TWA's Lockheed Constellation airplane that has been restored into a cocktail lounge. Incredibly, a wedding was taking place just as I arrived, it was spectacular to see the bride and groom take their vows alongside the epochal aircraft that has been through more lives than anyone there.

Scattered throughout the hotel are vintage touches including old cars, luggage, and magazines. It felt like I was living on set of the movie "Catch Me If You Can", especially since the movie was actually filmed in parts of the TWA Flight Center.

Check-in was a gas (had to throw that word in!). All the kiosks are original flight check-in counters now modernized with digital self check-in screens for convenience. Want to have your luggage stored? Allow the staff to place your suitcase on a conveyor belt which will transport your luggage to the lower level before being sent over to your room.

Walking through the flight tube to our room was exhilarating. Once inside the room I spotted a fridge full of Tab and Hollywood style vanity lights in the bathroom - I was overjoyed (and couldn't wait to do my makeup!). Complete with a mini bar that would make Don Draper swoon, my husband and I were both very pleased. The room was thoughtfully decorated with old world classics, but also included modern day amenities. Retro posters adorned the walls, and there were pops of chili pepper red accents throughout. I was especially charmed by the original vintage Life Magazine and Rotary phone, which actually worked! Our bed was extremely comfortable and we slept so well, it was hard to believe we were at the airport!

The Paris Cafe:

My husband and I had dinner reservations, which I highly recommend you making if you plan on dining at the Paris Cafe. Renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten oversees the Paris Cafe and Lisbon Lounge at the TWA Hotel. The views are exceptional, but more, the food and service were impeccable. We split the Salt and Pepper Calamari appetizer which was light and fresh. My entree was heavier than what I would normally go for, but I knew cocktails were coming down the pike so I wanted to make sure I had a filling meal, and boy did I! I went with the Black Truffle Pizza (which later became a midnight snack for my husband). The pizza was rich with cheese and a delicious creamy farm egg cracked on top, so decadent, and so worth it. We split a bottle of Chateau De Breze, which was an incredibly crisp and delightful sparkling Rose. My husbands entree portion was a little small, he had the Fish and Chips. I do agree, the portion could have been a tad bigger. Lucky for him, I didn't finish my meal! Overall it was a very lovely experience and our server was genuinely nice and attentive.