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Repurposed And Sustainable Fashion Must-Haves For 2021

Do you love fashion, and designer styles- but that price tag is just TOO MUCH? I totally feel you! I did some dug gong and found some unique ways to stay fashionable, affordably.

I want to talk about something that is so unique, and fashion-forward...UPCYCLED, REPURPOSED, AND SUSTAINABLE FASHION. You may have heard of these trends. I'm going to break it down for you: Upcycled fashion is the real life equivalent of spinning straw into gold. Designers transform discarded materials into beautiful, one-of-a-kind garments or accessories. Sustainable fashion refers to clothing that is designed, manufactured, distributed, and used in ways that are environmentally friendly. I'm excited to share a few women-owned brands that are making waves in this arena.

1. Patches of Upcycling, Patches of Upclycling only uses the best quality leather hides and materials, hand stitching and machine tooling to securely hold accessories and details into place so that they last years to come. Everything is custom made, by hand in Texas, by women. They believe Everyone Deserve a Patch of Luxury. These products are upcycled products made from genuinely purchased, used Louis Vuitton handbags and luggage. Price ranges from $20-$420, they offer retail, wholesale, and custom lines for boutiques. USE CODE today10 for 10% off purses at Patchesofupcycling.com

2. Next I want to talk about my outfit, it's from RUSHWAY, Created by Lexa Armstrong – 22-year-old a Tampa Bay native turned New York City fashion designer. She created this Sustainable, fancy athleisure Soho Set while in quarantine. It’s sewn ethically in NYC from Repreve fabric made of post-consumer recycled water bottles. The detailing is incredible. It's soft, it's stretchy, it's the only thing I ever want to wear. Sized XS-XXL, go to Rushway.com and get yours today!

3. Ok, this is so fun guys, and I feel like these are going to sell out. This is the FLASK CLUTCH PURSE. The flask clutch was created by Xiomara Zuniga, South Florida native. It's patent pending and is a new and revolutionized way to carry your favorite drink everywhere you go, sizes run from 6 oz all the way to 64 oz (party size). leather purses are made from top grain leather and can make and any colors and patterns. Gift sets are available and include funnel, personalized shot glass and a complimentary mini-size bottle surprise. They also do custom work and repurpose vintage, authentic designer bags into a Flask Clutch Purse. Save money, and be the life of the party- price starts $100, Go to THEFLASKCLUTCH.COM FOR MORE.

4. Let's talk Jewelry! I am soooo in love with each and every piece from Lo Well. Loryn is the founder and designer of Lo Well, a repurposed designer jewelry company. They have designed a collection of authentic designer jewelry that is made using authentic designer hardwares, buttons and pieces. They believe that Luxury should never be out of reach or inaccesible, and I couldn't agree more! They offer rings, earring, bracelets and necklaces, prices starting at $85, SHOP-LOWELL.COM for more!

5. I love brands that give back. McKina Michael is the CEO and founder of Soulfully Rooted Boutique & non-profit, soulfully rooted foundation. these two companies have partnered to fulfill the mission of saving one soul, one root at a time. They help raise money for families of loved ones who have lost their fight to mental illness & suicide. Soulfully rooted boutique offers so many options when it comes to fashion, from upcycled designer wallets and hats, to clothing- you can even download their app! Go to soulfullyrooted.com to support & shop now!



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