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Boost Collagen with one Gulp

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

FACT: Higher levels of vitamin C and E improve resistance to the negative effects of sunlight.

I care as much about what I put on my body, as what I put in. I always say, glowing skin starts from within! That's why I drink green juices, I eat fresh produce, and I chug water all day long- but sometimes I need a little boost.

I used to take vitamin C (tablets) everyday, for my immune system, and also because vitamin C can lessen wrinkle depth and improve collagen formation (according to scientists).

Now, for the past month I've been using Vitamin C Gel Packets from LivOn Labs. They're really convenient because I can throw the packet in my purse, and take them anywhere (even on a flight), and they don't need to be mixed or stirred...just tear open, squeeze into a tiny bit of water, and drink!

My energy levels have gone WAY up and I love the fact that they use liposomal delivery, which I'm familiar with- the vitamin C is encapsulated in tiny spheres and goes directly into your bloodstream and cells! How cool is that?! This little packet of magic is changing my life for the better, and my skin is looking bright too. Win win! I'm in!


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