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Fall Fashion That You Need Right Now, Under $50

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

I love to shop for the new season but I also like to save money. I feel like with every season comes a new trend that drains my bank account. I started to look around for cute items that are $50 or less that are stylish and timeless so that you can wear them for a long time, not just this year.

  1. Shoes: one trend that is here to stay is animal print. I think it’s so fun to add a pop of animal print to your outfit. My two picks: 1. The Mattie Women’s Pumps. The color seen here is Blush Multi Texture. These have a chic silhouette and 2 inch block heel. I wore these out for a night of shenanigans and I was able to dance, without wobbling or pain. #2- The Itsie stretch ankle booties from Sugar. These are SO COMFY! I love that these boots can easily go from day to night, they have a 3 inch block heel and a memory foam insole.

2. Statement necklaces are great for when you want to elevate a simple outfit. I cannot even tell you how many compliments I get when I wear one of these gorgeous gemstone pendants from T. Victoria. These pendants are great for Fall, but honestly can be worn all year round! Each piece is handcrafted, and because of the natural stones, no two pieces are alike! I love knowing that nobody else in the world will be wearing the same necklace as me. These pieces are versatile and you can shop them on Amazon!

3. As you know from Instagram- I’m obsessed with headbands! I’m obsessed for a few reasons. First, they make your whole look POP, but also- its great if you’re having a bad hair day or if you Haven’t gotten your roots done! Every time i wear one of these headbands I get stopped and asked where I got it. These are top-knot designer inspired with a wide elastic design. They are durable, comfortable, and on Amazon for under $20!

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