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You Need To Stock Up On These Wellness Items For Spring

Spring has officially sprung, which means longer days, lots of outdoor activities, and of course- home organizing (Spring cleaning anyone?). I’ve listed my absolute favorite items that I use in my life- for all over wellbeing. Check them out!

Some of these items are affiliate links and I do receive a small commission from purchases, at no extra cost to you.

1. Organization: Who doesn’t love a little Spring cleaning & organizing? For some reason my underwear drawer and sock situation is always a disaster… well WAS. I found these affordable little drawer inserts on Amazon that help keep all my undies, bras, and socks, in their one little space.

2. Hydration: It can be so hard to get our daily water intake! I bought the HydroMate half gallon water bottle- that not only has time markers on it, it also has motivational text to keep you going! And the colors are so pretty too! It has a straw and is the perfect addition to your healthy habits routine. 3. Zen: Uncover Your Truth: This is the Original Buddha Board; It is inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment. This water board painting set uses only water and a classic drawing board as you create beautiful works of art, that fade away, as it dries. Using a Buddha Board kit will help you achieve mindfulness. The mind is everything, what you think you become.

4. Beauty: Out with the old, in with the new. Toss any old and expired beauty or skincare products and then get them all set up in this

360° Rotation Organizer. It perfectly organizes and stores your cosmetics; enables easy access to all of your makeup and products. Hold at least 30 makeup brushes, 20 skincare products and other accessories including lipsticks, nail polish, eyeliner and more cosmetics.

5. Breath: WAKE UP TO HYDRATED & REJUVENATED SKIN: GuruNanda Halo XL Humidifier fills the air with clean moisture and healthy humidification to support your skincare, helping to make skin hydrated, soft, and supple. The mist, combined with therapeutic essential oils, support the skin’s water content to help it from drying out and reducing flare-ups. Keep this humidifier bedside during hot or cold weather and feel the difference when you wake up in the morning. This set comes with 8 essential oils too! 6. Strength: ANKLE WEIGHTS: I use these in my daily walks, they’re Velcro, adjustable, and comfy! Build lower body strength one step at a time with these ( set of Two 5lb weights). 7. Glow: Get life back into your skin with COOLA Tan Self-Tanning Oil Mist. It is formulated with organic ingredients and suitable for all skin types. The mist contains moisturizing organic Aloe Vera, natural tanning actives for color, and antioxidants to protect the skin for glow that lasts up to three days.

8. Balance: it all starts from within, which is why I don’t go a day without my probiotics. The Garden of Life once daily women is my favorite- here’s why: DIGESTION SUPPORT: This once daily probiotic supplement contains Lactobaccilus acidophilus and Bifidobacteria for digestive health and constipation relief

  • PROBIOTICS FOR WOMEN: Specially formulated probiotic for women's specific health needs contains L. reuteri and L. fermentum for vaginal health

  • IMMUNE SUPPORT: This dietary supplement has 50 billion CFU and 16 probiotics for immune system health

  • SHELF STABLE PROBIOTICS: This 50 billion probiotics supplement comes in 30 one daily capsules; no refrigeration required

  • GLUTEN FREE PROBIOTIC: Our digestive supplement is Non-GMO Project Verified, NSF Certified Gluten-Free, dairy free, soy free and vegetarian



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