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Easy Outfit Ideas For (A Socially Distanced) Thanksgiving

I don’t know about you, but I tend to overdress on Thanksgiving, and then instantly regret it once the reality kicks in- the reality that I’m going to be eating a lot, and either running around hosting, OR sitting around as a guest.

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I know Thanksgiving gatherings will be smaller and different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still get cuted up! Side note- If you like my table decor, click here to find out how I did it without spending more than 5 bucks!

Here are some tips and products that will keep you looking cute AND comfy on Turkey Day!

1. Leggings- my go to are made by SKINEEZ. These are their miracle toning Capri leggings and are a must for thanksgiving and beyond. They are the only leggings on the market with skin protectant technology and 24 hour hydration infused into the fabric with five essential ingredients including retinol, Shea butter, and vitamin E. They’re also the only compression line on the market that are medical grade, and FDA approved. So whether you’re on your feet cooking all day, or you’re lounging in a food coma , SKINEEZ Leggings are the perfect addition to your outfit, plus they literally go with everything! Find SKINEEZ leggings on my SKINEEZ.com plus their other products including compression socks and face masks. 

2. I love a long neutral color cardigan. It’s so easy, it goes with most colors, and it just adds an extra layer to your outfit. You can pair it with a pair of dark jeans, leggings, and I like to wear a light weight tee or tank underneath. It’s casual but still adds an element of style that can be dressed up or dressed down! This one is from amazon and is around $30. Plus- it goes really great with a fun pair of leopard booties, which I featured recently on the blog and Great Day Live as a Fall Fashion staple.

3. Now, an outfit is not an outfit without some great accessories! I love Etsy and I discovered this cool little shop MYSFIT MOON. The owner designs and hand makes each piece. The pieces featured here are from the MYSFIT MOON collection. The moon star necklace is gold plated, and has clear quartz stone which is great for clarity of mind and finding balance. I love the mix of whimsy and elegance. And how fun is this moon stack? These 3 bracelets continue the theme of sun, moon, and stars. The gold bracelet is made with hematite which is great for grounding and strength. This one is made with the same moon pendant as the necklace, and has matte howlite stones which are great for peace and balance- which you probably need if you’re spending an entire day with you’re family on thanksgiving!

If you're going to be a guest this Thanksgiving or Christmas, check out my list of unique hostess gifts that you can bring, that are so cool and will be the hit of the party!

Wishing you and your family a happy Thanksgiving, check out my Instagram for more inspo, and please leave a comment below!

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